Scheme Of Study

Chinmaya Mission learning scheme suggests series of books to read and follow in your own pace to gain the knowledge of vedanta.

Bhiksha Guide

What is Bhiksha?
It is an offering to a Guru from whom one has received knowledge. It is a sadhana, an act of reverence, and an expression of gratitude.
Offering Bhiksha to a Sannyasi or Brahmachary has been considered one of the foremost duties (Dharma) of a householder in the Hindu tradition. Just as scientists who are in pursuit of truth are being supported by present-day society, in Vedic tradition, it is considered the duty of the householder to support renunciates who spend their life in pursuit of Truth for the benefit of society as a whole. (Download the full document to learn more)

Books & Read out

In this section provides every day slokas, prayers & Aarti for your reading online or to download.

Audio Clips

We at Chinmaya Mission Calgary organizes series of Gnana Yajnas and weekly lecture series on various topics by Swamijis and Acharyas in Calgary. You can listen online or download these audio clips to your computer or mobile to listen any time.

Video Links

Watch what our gurus & rishis said through the voice of Swamijis and Brahmacharis to learn key concepts of vedanta. Subscribe to these channels when you visit these links.