Bala Vihar Opens on 18th Sept 2022


Hari Om Chinmaya Family,  
Hope you all had a good summer break and resuming regular days.
We are happy to announce that our Bala Vihar will resume at Chinmaya Giridhar Starting 18 SEP 2022 for the year 22- 23.
The following are the class schedules for the day at Giridhar.
Children drop off at: 10:15 am
Learning Hour: 10:30 – 11:30 am
In class assembly: 11:30 – 11 45 am
Pick up Children at: 11:45 am 
(Please note only 10 min is max wait time, all kids must be picked up)
We are moving into a new practice this year with no general assembly, but respective teachers will be practicing the assembly in their class for additional 15 min.
With all of us just coming out of Covid situation, Chinmaya Mission West have advised all centers to follow a mandatory mask for in house BV sessions. However, there are no local government mandatory mask requirements in Canada. The board met today after consulting fellow centers in Vancouver, Toronto, Niagara etc. and approved these recommendations to minimize any impact visiting Chinmaya Giridhar. The need for children wearing mask is at the sole discretion of parent & child.  We are minimizing the number of people at Giridhar where Children and teachers are only present during Bala Vihar sessions with each class of approximately 8 – 12 children per class in different rooms currently. They will be in their respective classes and return to your vehicles after classes.

We are trying this option to get the best learning experience rather than Zoom sessions.  We will watch for any directives from government in the interim and may adopt further changes which will be duly communicated to everyone.
Parents, we are in the process of finding a location close by where we parents/adults can plan our study sessions like what we had  Pre- Covid, while the children are at Bala Vihar. Watch this space for more information.
Thank you all again for bringing in your children, together we will inculcate better culture and a promising future for our children. Please note the timings and stick to schedules, help our Bala Vihar team to run better.
On behalf of CMCC board.


Please avoid parking or idling in Hunter St. NW road side parking in red highlight beyond Giridhar lot. Request parents to move quickly after drop off and pick up helping smooth flow of traffic near Giridhar. If you are early park or wait in green highlight areas. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.