You will always get what you deserve, you may not get what you desire”

– Swami Chinmayananda

We have advanced tremendously, in science and materialistic advancements in last 50 years. Our life is comfortable, but our peace has gone away for the most part. We are striving to indulge more and more in new developments, never satisfied or happy. Chinmaya Mission’s acharyas and gurus have helped me tremendously to make me aware of what I am missing in life spiritually. Their teachings have given me direction & shown me what is real and what is false. Covid has been a boon for us, it has brought the knowledge to us at our homes. This is God’s way to make knowledge easily accessible for all.

PG, Calgary 2021

I would like to send my Gratitude for a wonderful teacher of Gita from Vancouver. My background -I had many issues after losing my husband in Jan /20 followed by a cancer diagnosis later that year. I joined the Monday Gita classes in May /20 on a friend’s recommendation.  I have read Gita many times, but the teacher’s style of explanation of each word (With different meanings and examples) have enlightened my understanding & helped me cope with the mental & physical challenges. I now have better understanding of life, more peace, discipline, discrimination & goals to work on myself. Thank you very much for the Calgary group keeping me in touch since my move to Winnipeg (July21).

MSS Winnipeg 2021

I would highly recommend Chinmaya Mission Classes for anyone in any age group. I have been attending classes for about 10 years in person and since Covid the opportunity to learn from home has just been amazing much like other disciplines. Classes have given me better clarity of thought, logical thinking, a more focused mind, and the ability to let go of things that I cannot change or are beyond my control. As a result, I am happier with my decisions and actions. All the teachers are amazing!!

KG, Calgary, 2021

Classes, lectures hosted by Chinmaya Mission Calgary have provided me with means to connect with a higher purpose in life, experience harmony and balance in the world around me. This understanding has helped me become mindful and compassionate.

TPD, Calgary 2022

I have been a member of Chinmaya since I moved to Calgary and I’m grateful that I found a home away from home. They welcomed me warmly even when I am not originally from this culture and religion. What I love about Chinmaya is their big focus on philosophical and spiritual conversations in a very inclusive sense. I like to attend the weekly study group learning Vedanta canons word by word – every word is treasure, deep and fascinating. We read the text, listen to guruji’s lectures, and have good conversations. It is not a big problem with limited knowledge of Sanskrit or Hinduism, because guruji will explain it clearly and we are free to ask questions. 

YG, Calgary.2022

Chinmaya Mission Calgary has been vital to my spiritual growth. They offer a variety of classes on Advaita Vedanta and texts such as the Gita and Ramayana. These classes have inspired and instructed me. Guest Swamis who visited Calgary have been very enlightening. 

MP, Calgary. 2022