Video Links

Watch what our gurus & rishis said through the voice of Swamijis and Brahmacharis to learn key concepts of vedanta. Subscribe to these channels when you visit these links.

Audio Links

We at Chinmaya Mission Calgary organizes series of Gnana Yajnas and weekly lecture series on various topics by Swamijis and Acharyas in Calgary. You can listen online or download these audio clips to your computer or mobile to listen any time.

External Links

Chinmaya Mission is a global organization where, in this page we provide the links to few other global centers resources page for quick access.

Resources pdf

In this section provides every day slokas, prayers & Aarti for your reading online or to download.

Self Study – CIF link

Chinmaya International Foundation [CIF] offers various on line learning opportunities with series of interaction with Swamins and Brahmacharins from global centers